MALANG: not only volcanoes but also waterfalls and hot-springs.

Dear explorers,                                                                                                                               after quite some time spent I am back again to write the first article of my new registered blog!

Malang is the name of the town as well as the region which is situated in the hearth of east Java land, this region like Banyuwangi  offers a variety of nature from volcanoes to plenty of waterfalls as well as some hot-springs, most of them are not known by any foreign traveler (perhaps I was the first brave guy getting there :-D).

Briefly, I summarize below what I have experienced over three and half days spent there:

  1. Night-Morning hiking trip to Bromo National park
  2. Waterfalls: Coban Putri , Coban Rais , Coban Talun and Coban Rondo
  3. Cangar (Hot-springs).

As first I made decision to start my challenge with the touristy night-morning hiking to Bromo volcano, here you have two choices to get there:

  1. Rent a proper off-road motor-cycle
  2. Book a basic package tour through your accommodation provider

I went for the second option since I just arrived in Malang exhausted after a no-sleep night spent on the train I had no time to look straightaway for a motorbike. What I could recommend is that if you want ride a motorbike to Bromo, get a motorbike with off-road tires and be with a travel companion; secondly, ride very carefully especially at night-time since you will get to ride through a steep hilly narrow road and then you will be passing through a Savana,  the scenery will look like a desert at your eyes, once you arrive at the top viewpoint it will be very tricky to park your motorbike because of thousands of visitor will be getting there!

Even Bromo is very popular, it is worthy to go for it and practice your photo-shooting skills!  Look at the pictures and a video below:

After the night-morning challenge at Bromo national park, I was back in Malang and I just hang around some noodles restaurant and cafeterias to chill-out and get ready for the next adventures.

The following day as a first thing I decided to rent a motorbike from a rental point which was recommended by a local CS guy Makki, here below you have the google-link:  

The name of the lady owner is Ibu Larasati  and her whatsapp contact is +62 822-4040-1929 , she was kind as well as funny, since I ran a bit late with the time she came to my accommodation to deliver the motorbike, she greeted me with a warm hand-shake and then asked me for a picture with her (as usual in Indonesia) to cunningly promote her local business whose the link is mentioned below:

(for more details just check out )

The motorbike itself was a brand-new Yamaha Aerox 150cc which was comfortable and powerful powerful to deal with the hills.

When I was all set, I started off the waterfalls mission which I listed before, in my opinion the most challenging one was Coban Rais because the path was really wild with rocks and flowing water streams in-between, so because all of that, a good practice would be to hike through the path with bare feet as most of Indonesian people do otherwise if you are picky with the waterproof shoes then you will get water inside and the result for your feet will be a way worse! So next time just bare feet 🙂

The second thing was that here I was just the only European alien, all the others were either locals or few guys from Singapore, when I reached the bottom of the waterfalls to record the scenery, some members of a numerous family approached me for few group-photos, YES, still here the alien is a news for them!

Finally, the last half-day I visited Coban Talun and the Cangar hot-springs, none of those places were touristically touched, apparently only Bromo attracts the burden of foreigners and locals from Jakarta who come there for the weekend only for that purpose. I am not going to drill down into much details on those attractions, just you need to experience it personally, however here below you can check out few pictures taken by my Sony alpha 6000 camera:

In conclusion, I spent in Malang three and half days, however I ensure you it would be worthy to spend there even five days because I hadn’t much time to check for some spots in the town of Malang suggested by Ibu Larasati such as Kampung Warna which is a kind of street artist.

A special thank to Ibu, Makki and Iik who assisted me as local advisers and I wish  I will travel there back soon in the future!

Every comment and remark is welcomed!

Thank you in advance for your contributions 🙂





8 Comments on “MALANG: not only volcanoes but also waterfalls and hot-springs.

  1. Hi Giuseppe… When you come to Malang again?

    So many waterfalls and beaches in Malang… Actually, I want to show all but our time was limited.

    Hopefully we can go trip together…



  2. Ciao Giuseppe,
    Great post with many info and side contents! Did u have a bath close to the waterfalls?
    Btw as a small hint, you may embed the itinerary from google maps 😉


    • No, I didn’t have a bath at the waterfalls and only in Coban rais was possible to bath, however the water pool was skimpy so I saved my energies for the Cangar hot-srpings 🙂


  3. What a nice article Giu. And also the video and pictures are breathtaking. These are a small beautiful things about Malang, hopefully for the next trip you can complete it and explore more “the dangerously beautiful of Indonesia” 🇲🇨🇲🇨😀😀


  4. Hi…how are you?what a nice article thank you anyway..i suggested you many other places if you come again next time,see you soon..


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